NQ Physician's Meeting

28-29 August 2010, Cairns Base Hospital


Saturday 28 August


0930-1000            Coffee and registration


1000-1005            Welcome


1005- 1205             Session 1: Chair Dr Josh Hanson

                                    What’s new in Neurology - Dr John Archer

                                    Hot issues in Gastroenterology - A/Prof Jane Andrews

                                    Update in geriatric Medicine - Dr Paul Goldstraw


1205-1250            Lunch and trade display


1250-1430            Session 2: Chair Prof John McBride-Indigenous Health

                                    Acute Rheumatic Fever in FNQ - Dr Jeffrey Hanna

                                    Indigenous Dementia - do we know what we don’t                                        know?

-Dr Eddie Strivens            

                                    State of the Cape - Dr Clive Hadfield           


1430-1500            Coffee and trade display


1500-1700            Session 3: Chair Dr Peter Boyd

                                    Oxygen Therapy - Prof John Kolbe

                                    Interventional Pulmonology - Dr Stephen Vincent

                                    What do I get from the College for my subscription?!

                                                -Prof John Kolbe and Dr Ann Rudden


1900 for 1930            Dinner at “C’est Bon” 20 Lake St, Cairns


Sunday 29 August


0830-1015            Session 4: Chair Dr Clive Hadfield

                                    Update in Infectious Diseases - Dr Josh Hanson

                                    Advances in Cardiovascular imaging - Dr Steven Sutcliffe

                                    Generalised Epilepsy-is it really generalised? - Dr John Archer


1015-1030            Coffee and trade display


1045-1300            Session 5: Chair-Dr Anna McLean

                                    Registrar research presentations


1300                        Meeting closes